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Design and setup tips for Online Induction Training

Delivering online induction training involves the implementation and coordination of remote induction training often to new starters, contractors and even visitors who are scheduled to arrive and start working in your workplace soon. Here we go over design and setup tips for online induction training including how to create online induction training courses, slides and content to deliver online induction training online.

Induction Training Design
To start with, when designing induction training its important to make sure it covers a wide range of important topics around safety and HR focused on a new starter into an organisation.
- cover important site and workplace topics around contacts, emergency procedures, site access and buildings
- cover everything to know about hazards, how to report them, what are the current site hazards to be aware on in the workplace and how to work safely with those hazards.
- go through important safe work procedures in relation to different tasks, job roles and workplace risks
- induct on critical workplace policies
- Meet the team, contacts and other culture and department induction topics
- site layout and induction to important site locations and what they need to know about working in them

Induction Training Setup
Delivering induction training is best done online, to ensure a consistent and readily available access to the induction on demand. It also creates measurable accountability around who has done the induction and a micro fine tuned due diligence on how they went with the specific content and assessments they go through. Understand any struggle areas and identify gaps early on in the process.
With an online induction training portal you can set up the entire induction training process in a centralised area, have different induction courses for different risk types, role types and sites. Easily distribute the link to inductees for them to complete remotely before they start working on site at your organisation.

Delivering remote induction training
With an OnlineInduction.net.au link, you can setup a dedicated and branded induction training portal so that your staff going through a custom branded and personalised to your workplace induction experience. Make it a high impact induction experience with a video background and create a strong impact presentation for your new starters

Check Lists and Assessments
A big part of an induction is check lists and assessments. These are used to ensure inductees are acknowledging the materials and resources in your induction electronically and testing their understanding of the content. The one question they get wrong could be the one that could save a life and so its critical to make sure inductees are tested on the content to ensure they walk away understanding what do to when something goes wrong, how to report a near miss or unsafe activity, how to work safely with workplace hazards and more.

Online Induction Training Platform Setup
Try setting up your site induction using our online induction training platform using the form below:

Online Induction Training System

Whether it's a contractor, employee or visitor, online induction training ensures that everyone is job ready. Delivering them induction training before they start their job tasks or activity can ensure that safety is achieved, compliance met and procedures and policies are followed.

Things change in the workplace over the year and it's important to ensure that everyone is re-inducted on induction training topics and courses annually.

With an online induction training system you can manage all these areas quickly, easily and seamlessly.

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