Ready To Go Online Induction Courses

Plug them right in, customise them, brand them, deliver them!

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Try out a demo and see how an Online Induction could work for your organisation
Not your typical software where you get what you see
Transform your Online Induction into the exact online workflow you want!
Try out the induction as both an inductee and as an administrator
Provide your inductions for employees, contractors and visitors before they arrive on site with a dedicated online induction portal where you can load all your.
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Online Induction app

Available on mobile devices to induct on the go and use as a management tool

You read right, you can set up your organisations induction so that inductee's can also access and complete it via the the App! Induction in real time out in the field! As a management tool, you can also use it for real time compliance checking of the inductee's status. 75% of the world uses mobile technologies * (July 2012 report by World Bank), this is a MUST for organisations inducting online.

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